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The Second Coming

He came first as a lamb, a sacrifice and an example for us believers. His second coming will be as a lion, a redeemer and savior. This is an event soon coming upon the whole world. Unfathomable to comprehend as it will be such an intense display of God’s power to behold.

When Jesus comes, he commands the wicked to die by the double edged sword that comes from his mouth, this is the first death, while the saints are taken to be with the Lord in the New Jerusalem. It is only after a thousand years are passed are the wicked resurrected to face their judgement and the second death.

The second coming is the final event that happens last on the prophetic timeline concerning our time on this earth, good triumphs evil. The events that follow the last chapters of Revelation deal with the dwelling of the saints with the Lord, eternity begins as the earth we once knew is left scorched and desolate.

Author Credit: Larry W. Wilson ( The Guild Of Ambience – Enchanted Lands Vol 2