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Hebrews 10:25 ESV Not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.

Where Do We Go?

In Rev 18:4, we are told to come out of her. We have already established that “her” is the Whore of Babylon and her daughters. We also established, that the Whore is the Roman Catholic Church and her daughters are the denominations. So, the question is where are we supposed to go now. Well, House Churches have been growing steadily for more than 20 years. Ask the people in your Facebook group if they know of any House or Home Churches. Online churches are not a good replacement as they do not  allow interaction as an assembly described in the Heb10:25  and 1 Cor 14. Its not the people you are trying get away from. Its the system, the organized religion,  the traditions, the denominations and their lukewarm messages, the Pharisees, the vipers and the wolfs in sheep’s clothing.

To keep within our objective of “Come out of who, why and then where do we go“,  John the Baptist Online is trying a new approach. We are building a community online using live video conferencing. Every Wednesday at 8 pm central time, a group of us meet for Live Video Bible Study. It allows us to assemble and remain outside the lukewarm church system. Our study revolves around the end time events and follows the church proceedings as described in  Corinthians Click here for details.      

We are also supporting a page on the evil Facebook. YHVH said he could make evil do His bidding. 


Video Conferencing

What Equipment do I need to join the video conference?

You will need a camera and microphone. Most laptops have this built in. My desktop has a USB video camera and microphone. iPhones and Androids can also be used.

How to join the video conference?

  1. Request to join using the form below.
  2. The Url address will be sent along with the password. The URL will stay the same week to week, but to keep control of who enters you will receive and Email with a new password each week.
  3. 2.  Go here for instructions on how to join a meeting. Please Note: connecting by phone is not available at this time except for iOS and Android phones.

To join our study group, send a request using the form below. Why does the form below contain questions from the Bible. This Bible Study is not intended for the lost, as they would not be able to understand the material 1 Cor 2:14. The church of today drifted into lukewarm waters because the world was invited to attend and join. People brought the lost to church so the Pastor could save them and grow the church. The church was never intended for the lost. Its purpose was to worship Elohim, to train in righteousness, encourage, uplift the down trodden, support its congregation, teach disciples to go out and spread the Gospel; followed by, bringing the ones Jesus saved thru them to be trained as disciples and then start the process over again and again. Therefore, questions are asked to screen out the unsaved.

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord, Master, King, friend and most of all Savior but and you want to know more please go here.  If you have questions about salvation, please contact us from our contact form here.

If your a new Christian and don’t know all the answers, please place a note in the message box. Just put “I don’t know or not sure” in the answer box. 

I need your help. I receive 100s of spam daily. If you would type an * in front of your first name like this *Bob I can spot it like a sore thumb and instantly delete all the rest. Thanks.

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