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(Rev 18:4 KJV) And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 

On the first page “Come Out of Her” (who), we learned that  the “her” was the Roman Catholic Church led by the Pope who is directed by a Jesuit Priest known as the Black Pope. We also learned that the Roman Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon depicted in Rev 17:5 and she is the mother of all prostitutes (churches, denominations). The Whore of Babylon has been deceiving the churches and denominations since 300 AD making them prostitutes.


Why is YAHUSHA  calling Christians out of her?

The answer should be obvious with labels like whore, harlot and prostitutes.   But three reasons come to mind.

First, the scripture tells us too 2 Pe 3:17. So, we won’t be deceived. Where is the deception going to come from? Answer: from the church. What is the church called in the end times. Answer: lukewarm. What did Yehushua say He would do with the lukewarm Christians? Answer: spit them out of His mouth. Rev 3:16 

Second, what is the danger of staying in the church? Answer: Rev 18:4 You may be deceived and begin talking part in her sins. What happens if you do? Suffer the wrath of Yahusha.

It’s your choice!

And third, Its a warning before the coming of God’s judgement and destruction. Jesus gave us an example or a harbinger (something that precedes and indicates the approach of an event) related to Rev 18:4.

In Mat 24:16 Jesus warned them to flee before God’s judgement of total destruction of their land and country.  Did God perform this act of destruction all at once or did He conduct small gradual events to bring about their total destruction. And if He did, was each harbinger (event) a warning the people simply ignored?  

In Mal 3:6, we are told God is the same yesterday, today,and tomorrow. The first time God gave a command was to Adam and Eve. He warned them not to eat of the tree and if they did they would suffer the consequences. Now, read Mal 3:6 again.

In the first book of the New Testament, while on earth, Jesus gave a command in Matthew to flee prior to destruction.  In the last book of the New Testament, Jesus once again tells His people to get out before destruction comes. Did He give us harbingers that we have ignored? Click the PDF button on the right to read a supporting document that simply cannot be refuted, brushed off as a conspiracy theory or explained away.

When we get out, where do we go. Click here for an idea.

God Judging America