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6,000 Years of Manipulations

The lukewarm church of today has been lulled to sleep and walks thru life as if nothing else is happening around them. They have been deceived by Satan and happily wonder thru life totally unaware of the evil activities he has been doing for the past 6,000 years right up to this very minute. And, they have no clue as to what lies ahead. He has so maliciously and methodically laid out his plan so that when he introduces the Mark of the Beast many Christians will accept it without skipping a beat. 

In times past, they thought it was the Birth Certificate, Social Security Number, then a driver’s license and now a chip in bedded in a vaccine. Well, we are not here to talk about chippies; we are here to inform you that YOU are 6,000 years behind the times and YOU NEED TO CATCH UP!

Wake Up and click the button.


The supreme deity of this cult goes by many names; Baal, Moloch, Lucifer…  One could argue that there are technically two factions among these occultists,  the Satanists and the Luciferians, but once the flesh starts flying, only a psychopath would appreciate the subtle difference.