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Mark of the Beast

Once again, the Biblical buzz is the “mark of the beast” and what it might be. What kind of scare tactic could you have without the mark of the beast? Today, the plot to take over the world and usher in the New World Order has made some drastic changes around the world using the Covid-19 scare campaign. Consequently, the world has become almost unrecognizable in so many ways.

Most churches have been eerily silent about the agenda that’s currently playing out right before our eyes; an agenda of totalitarian control fueled by the fear of a virus that has not killed as many people in the U.S. or the world as those who are in control say it has. In fact, we are spoon fed their blatant lies daily and are forced to eat what they say or else.

The changes we’re seeing in government control and hard-handed “leadership” are driving us toward a New World Order? We know that Yahusha is in control even in the chaos of a world takeover. The end time events are beginning to play out.

So, is the Antichrist and the mark of the beast His next step in this process? 

What exactly is the mark of the beast? Download the PDF document to find out.