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The 1,000 Year Reign

One important thing to consider on this topic, is the devastation caused first by the seven trumpets, the seven bowls and the second coming. Many hold to the idea that Christ will reign here on earth for the 1000 years but there is no real scriptural precedence to support that idea and the details are often overlooked. Not to mention verse 4 of Revelation 20 says that they (the righteous resurrected saints) reigned with Christ, not that Christ reigned a thousand years on earth.

God wants everyone to see what Jesus did to save sinners from their sin. God wants the universe to understand that Jesus is His Son. He will present the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus to every person and they will see the purpose of Jesus’ life and the suffering he endured as an intercessor for mankind. 

At the end of the 1,000 years, the Holy City will descend from Heaven. The wicked, from Cain to those who perished at the Second Coming, will be resurrected to see the Holy City, and it is at this moment, Jesus will break open the seventh seal and open The Book of Life. The wicked will perhaps experience a vision much like that of how the prophets were shown visions only this is a vision of their own lives. They will be speechless by God’s foreknowledge, his patience and enduring love, grace and fairness. This final revelation will silence the wicked and humble the righteous. The silence will last half an hour.