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Christians Going to Hell

God is going to judge us on how well we spoke His truth in love… It’s so hard to fight against the current of culture especially in the church that says to speak truth or taking a stand for holiness is being judgmental and a pharisee…So shut up they say….

God help us be bold and fear you enough to believe Your Word and correct, rebuke, and teach.

Francis Chan speaks the truth in this powerful video for Christians!

American Christians

Did you know that the rest of the world has a different view point of the American Christian?

Their view is a bit shocking, a wake up call!

Elohim, I pray You will take away the blinders of the American Christians, so they may live boldly while spreading Your Gospel in these last years. Amen

Unknown speaker speaks the truth in this powerful video for American Christians!

Are You Ready?

If you were to die this minute, are you really living a life pleasing to God. Do you really belief, I mean the kind of believing that has changed your life. Are you different from all the other proclaiming Christians?

Mormon Tries to Convert Pastor

Would you like to know how to be saved? Want to see how powerful The Gospel Messages can be, just watch this video.

America and Obama Found in the Book of Daniel

This video will blow you away. 

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