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This book is from God. Peter Whyte has allowed God to reveal himself to many people by being obedient to write what God has asked him to. This is one of the best books I have read next to the bible.

I first found the King and His Kingdom in the early 90’s. I brought copies home and passed them around the State of Ohio and Nigeria.  It caused a firestorm among the local religious systems. This book is a blessing to Christians who have finally figured out that something is wrong with the divided denominational systems. I still have my original book from the 1989 printing. The appendix “A Dream of Two Harlots” is a true revelation for those stuck in their pews.

This book is excellent, very clear, and plain about just who Jesus is and what the gospel of the Kingdom truly is! The King of those who belong to him. You live in HIS Kingdom, therefore, you are under no one else and you are not to subject yourself to any religion or sect. This is the doctrine of the Nicolaitans which the Lord hates! At the same time, we are to be humble before others, not arrogant, yet bold in our real testimony of the Living God, who is Jesus Christ, our King!  

I contacted Peter Whyte and was given permission to print these books at my cost as long as they were given away at no charge. Now as part of the legacy of my wife Evelyn and myself, I am passing thisgift to Jim Corbett and the La Red Movement that is affecting all of Africa. My desire is that all may come under the King and Lordship of God through Jesus Christ. They have obtained the support needed to pass on this special edition to you. You cannot buy a gift…this is priceless. Here is your free copy of The King and His Kingdom.

Desmond Cole
(Desmond Cole, an ordained minister through the Church of Christ, resides in Cold Springs, Kentucky. He and his wife Evelyn have faithfully served and lived out their call for Africa and Nigeria. Desmond is known as a man unafraid to speak freely and boldly proclaiming Christ and his Kingdom.)

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