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red flag warning is a forecast warning issued by the National Weather Service to inform the public, that conditions are ideal for fire and rapid spreading. 

The Bible has many Red Flag Warnings. One of them is this verse:

(Rev 18:4 KJV) And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 

The above verse is found in the Book of Revelations and is addressed to Christians throughout the ages, as it refers to “my people”  The context of Revelations makes up a coded battle plan for YHVH’a people. This battle plan tells what happened in the past so that we will know what is happening today and in the future (He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches).

Ooh, “coded battle plan” makes the Book of Revelation seem more like some kind of a mysterious sci-fi flick than a book containing YHVH’s Words.  So, what is the mystery? It is simple really, John was  seeing a vision of his present day destruction and other good and bad events that would happen throughout the last days.  He was given multiple warnings addressed to YHVH’s people. To top it off YHVH told him to write it down. How insane is that? John is writing about the fall of the Roman Empire while the empire still exist and he is living in it. Just how long do you think John’s life expectancy will be when the Emperor of Rome reads Johns new novel? It had to be written in some kind of code. YHVH has stated before that He wrote scriptures in a manner that only the spiritual man could understand while bringing utter confusion to the foolish.  So, he wrote using terms like, whore, beast, candlestick, stars, red moons etc. Rest assured, every term is defined somewhere within scripture.

But, like most warnings, many people won’t heed Rev 18:4 which will lead to their own peril.  

A similar warning is found in Mat 24:15-16. This warning was given by Yeshua (Jesus). Like today, only a few heeded the warning and left. Shortly after in A.D. 70 a vast Roman Army came in to kill, rape, and torture men, women and children. They then burned and destroyed the land till no stone was un-turned.

These verses are in the highest degree of importance for the interpretation and understanding of the Apocalypse. We know that more than one passage within the Bible describes a double Church, the true Church within the false church. This double church is made of many living ones within the Body, but they are dead; however, among the dead live a remnant. “Many are called,” “many” making up the outward Church; but “few are chosen,” “few” making up the real Church. The “few” are described as the poor, meek, and lowly. The two parts may keep together for a time, but the union cannot last; and the day comes when, as Christ called His sheep out of the Jewish, so He will again call His sheep out of the Christian, that they may hear His voice, and follow Him.

Satan Wants You In Church

Lakewood Church Joel Osteen

If you did a search on Google for “Why people ignore warnings” you would get 16,600 responses. That in itself is a Red Flag. The outward (false church made up of the “many”) will ignore His warnings; while, the true church (made of the few (remnant) will heed His warning and come out of today’s lukewarm church. But, satan wants you in church. Why – for two reasons – first, because YHVH said too get out and second, satan has deceived the church.

One of his greatest deception is convincing Christians that many events will take place in the future, like Mat 24:24. Many Christians put that verse in the End Times category; as a result, they can’t possibly be deceived!  Makes them feel all warm and fuzzy while they get their ears tickled at the local pow wow on Sunday.

Sadly most Christians are blinded by the Jesuits’ deceptions of Futurism which point to a future fulfillment of Revelation, a future 70th week of Daniel, and a future one-man Antichrist.

All of that causes them to not look back at history to see how the Popes and Jesuit Generals of Rome have fulfilled Bible prophecy to a T, and that they are the enemy of Messiah and His real Church; consequently, they fail to heed the Bible’s warning to flee and get out to their own peril.

The challenge is that most Christians have been programmed for years by prophecy teachings from their Pastors; from popular pastors like John MacArthur, David Jeremiah and Chuck Swindoll, who are on the radio and TV; from Hal Lindsey, TBN and other “Christian” cable shows; from the Left Behind series of books and movies, etc.

Two Types of Christians

Please note: the Bible describes TWO TYPES of Christians. Those who are enlightened and now know about Jesus AND they have said the deceptive sinner’s prayer (you know the one, Jesus please forgive me of my sins and come into my heart and save me yada yada yada) and then wondered off into bliss; because, they were told they are now saved and will spend eternity in Heaven. Its a gift from God and no man can ever take it away (Once Saved Always Saved)

THEN, there is the real Christian. He or she anguished over accepting Yeshua as their savior. They counted the cost as instructed by Yeshua Luke 14:25-34. Then they repented (turned away from sin), obeyed and lived a life conscious of Yeshua in every aspect of their life. They live a life pleasing to Yahuva even if it means their death. 

I Can’t Remove the Scales From Your Eyes!

Only YHVH through the Holy Spirit can that happen. I pray that you will take your denominational hat off and sit on it for just a short time while you browse this website. That is what I did while studying end time events and YHVH opened my eyes and all I can say is WOW! For more info on me and my research see the short About Page.