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Ever attend a church service, where at the end of the service the pastor says. “now everyone bow your head and close your eyes no one looking around. If you wish to be saved today, all you need to do is pray after me”.  And, he continues with the DECEIVING SINNER’S PRAYER. Then he ask, “if you said that prayer raise your hand, no one looking around, I see your hand brother praise God, I see yours thank you Lord and yours, anyone else. Well now, if you prayed that prayer congratulations you are now in the Kingdom of God. On your way out, stop by the Welcome desk for we have a gift for you. Praise God! Or maybe they had an alter call and someone walked up front. Then everyone came by and shook their hand saying, “welcome to the kingdom, praise God.

Now, if you have seen this type of salvation or maybe even experienced the deceiving Sinner’s Prayer ritual yourself compare that experience to what you hear in this 7 minute video.