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This post was banned by Facebook. I think I struck a nerve.  It is simply an informative post.

The goal of the Wahhabisis is world domination through mass conversion or mass extermination.

Wahhabis only provide non-Wahhabis with two alternatives:  conversion or death.

Most “Islamic” mosques, community centers and organizations in North America and Europe are in fact Saudi and Gulf State funded Wahhabi mosques, community centers and organizations.  These have been well prepared for decades to serve as the launching pads for coming mass murder attacks in North America and Europe.

Wahhabi money flows through most Middle East studies departments at academic institutions in North America and Europe. Wahhabi money flows through a good deal of the Western press, such as Cable Network News, which would be better renamed Saudi Network News.

Well, being banned by Facebook isn’t all that bad. I wonder if I am now listed on some watch list, you know like Facebook’s most wanted. Anyway folks, this post is a warning to what’s coming. These people have been coming to our country for years and was quickly elevated by Obama. Trump’s wall may slow them down, but their breeding habits will will overcome us soon.

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